AQUAMARINE - The Birthstone for Pisces and March

AQUAMARINE - The Birthstone for Pisces and March

Aquamarine is a light green-blue coloured semi precious gemstone which come from the mineral Beryl. The word aquamarine comes from two latin words, aqua which means water and marina which means sea, together they mean 'the colour of the sea'.

Aquamarine and diamond ring

It is thought aquamarines lessen anxiety, boosts self confidence and feelings of happiness and it enhances happiness in a marriage!

Gold Aquamarine and Diamond ring

In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids so sailors used it as a talisman to bring good luck at sea. It was also used as a symbol of protection and fearlessness.

Aquamarine and diamond earrings

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Aquamarine birthstone pendant

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