Birthstone for March – Aquamarine

Birthstone for March – Aquamarine

March babies amongst us probably already know that Aquamarine is the birthstone for this month. It is a dazzling blue stone that ranges in colour shades from an icy, transparent blue, through to a softer, light blue and a deeper, more opaque bluey-green. However, whether your birthday falls in March or some other month, you are just as likely to become entranced by this gorgeous gem which is part of the beryl category of stones – along with famous Emerald and the less commonly known Morganite. 

Aquamarine is a durable stone, registering at between 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale. This makes it a great stone to have in an heirloom piece, however, as with all our gemstones, we recommend that you treat it carefully, as you would with any investment!

White Gold perfectly complements the cool tones in the blue gem. Here are our top picks of Aquamarine rings from across our range.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring €1,100


18ct White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

This elegant 18ct White Gold ring features another Emerald Cut Aquamarine with that stands proud without any stones running around the length of it. Its shoulders however feature a total of six Diamonds, three on each side, which complement the ring beautifully without detracting from it. This ring is currently on offer, down from €1,495 to €1,100!




9ct white gold aquamarine round brilliant cut diamonds vintage engagement ring JL290 Img01

Floral Shaped Ring €1,250


9ct White Gold Floral Pattern Aquamarine and Diamond

Looking for something a little different that still packs a lot of punch? This beautiful 9ct White Gold flower shaped ring could be the one for you. The appearance of petals is created by six Pear Cut Aquamarine gemstones, with seven Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds nestled among them. Look a little closer and you will notice the intricacy of the setting which gives this ring an even more special finish. You can view this ring here.


18ct White Gold Aquamarine Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring LM80 Img01

Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring €3,450


Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring

Prefer a more vibrant shade of blue? This 18ct White Gold Emerald Cut stone, which is set at a slight height off the hand,  has a subtle depth of colour, and is a sizable 1.15ct weight. The Halo of Diamonds and the Diamonds along the shank come to a total of 0.69ct. View this ring on our site.

If you have any questions about these rings, feel free to get in touch or book an appointment!

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