Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings

Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings

If you’re a lover of vintage style engagement rings, you probably know of several celebrities who already wear rings of vintage beauty, and you probably have your favourites. Here are some of ours!

Kate Middleton

Perhaps the most famous celebrity ring of all, the engagement ring that Price William presented to Kate Middleton was the same one his father, Prince Charles, gave to Lady Diana Spencer upon their engagement back in 1981.

It consists of 14 diamonds surrounding 12-carat oval sapphire, set in 18-carat white gold, and is a creation of rare beauty.

Kate Middleton Vintage Engagement Ring

Penelope Cruz

Actress and model Penelope Cruz is another who wears a stunning sapphire ring which also features multiple diamonds.

A flower petal effect is created by the halo of diamonds surrounding the centre sapphire stone in the elegant ring given to her by hubby Javier Bardem, another Spanish heart-throb.

Penelope Cruz Vintage Engagement Ring

Scarlett Johannson

Movie star Scarlett Johannson wed husband Romain Duraic in a secret ceremony in October 2014 and it was only some months later that she appeared in public with her rings – but it was worth the wait.

Her Art Deco-style engagement ring features three bezel-set diamonds surrounded by other diamond accents in long, rectangular, cluster, and is a real stand-out item of beauty.

Scarlett Johannson Vintage Engagement Ring

Emily Blunt

British actress Emily Blunt wears an Edwardian-style engagement ring that features a massive three-carat diamond and oozes with vintage detail.

It was presented to her by husband John Krasinski, star of ‘The Office’ (US version) – now there’s a man who knows great style!

Emily Blunt Vintage Engagement Ring

Kate Moss

Fashionista Kate Moss’s engagement ring is said to be an exact replica of the one worn by 1920s icon Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote ‘The Great Gatsby’ – the iconic novel of the Jazz Age.

Reports say husband Jamie Hince tried to find the original ring, but when he was unsuccessful, he had one made instead. It just shows that even top celebrities know that new but vintage-style rings are just as beautiful as the original items!

Kate Moss Vintage Engagement Ring
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