EMERALD - The birthstone for Taurus and May

EMERALD - The birthstone for Taurus and May

Historically Emeralds were seen as an amulet which was believed to protect against evil spells. The ancient Egyptians thought Emeralds represented fertility and rebirth while the Greeks associated them with Venus, the godess of love and beauty. In Ireland Emeralds are traditionally associated with good luck.

18ct Gold Emerald and Diamond ringA stunning ring featuring a 0.70ct Oval Emerald with three Diamonds on either side totalling 0.17ct, set in 18ct gold

Emeralds range in colour from green to blueish green, the most desirable having a strong colour saturation and a medium dark tone.

Heirloom rings featuring diamonds and different birthstones

Heirloom Rings which are individually made to order to include your chosen birthstones set alongside round cut diamonds

Flawless Emeralds are rare and extremely valuable, most have tiny mineral inclusions. They can be brittle so they need to be kept away from water and extreme heat which can cause them to crack.

Vintage style emerald and diamond ring

9ct Gold Vintage Style Emerald and Diamond Ring

While Emeralds are most often associated with May, they are also traditionally given as a gift for 35th anniversaries.

Emerlad birthstone pendant set in 9ct white goldOne of our beautiful birthstone charms, an Emerald set in 9ct White Gold

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