How to care for your Pearls

How to care for your Pearls

Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity. To preserve their radiance avoid letting your pearls come into contact with cosmetics, fake tan, hair spray or perfume - apply these items and let them dry thoroughly before putting on your pearls.

A pearl's lustre can also be harmed by perspiration, to prevent this we recommend wiping your pearls with a soft cloth after wearing them and before putting them back in your jewellery box.

Close up image of pearl necklace

To clean your pearls we recommend using a soft cloth, avoid ultrasonic cleaners as they can damage pearls. If you think your pearls have lost their radiance we recommend taking them to a specialist for cleaning.

Many Pearl Necklaces are strung with silk thread for strength and beauty. However, over time this thread can stretch or loosen and it may break suddenly. Because of this we recommend getting your Pearl Necklace checked regularly, and if necessary, restrung. We are now offering this as a service. For more details email us at

Book an appointment to have your pearls, checked, restrung or repaired.

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