How to wear an eternity ring

How to wear an eternity ring

We are often asked if you have to wear your eternity ring on your ring finger. Depending on the design of your engagement and wedding rings and the size of your finger you may not have room to add a third ring.

Diamond Eternity Ring

 Traditionally eternity rings were sold as a symbol of never-ending love to mark an anniversary or milestone in life - the circle of the band symbolises eternity, the diamonds or presious gemstones represent love.

Diamond Cluster Eternity Ring As they evolved from wedding rings, eternity rings were originally worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

However the right hand ring finger symbolises tradition, beauty and romance which makes it the perfect place for a larger eternity ring. It can be a standalone piece of jewellery with bigger or more diamonds than your wedding ring so it creates a balance to wear it on the right hand.

So in conclusion, you can wear your eternity ring on whichever hand or finger that suits you! 

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