Laboratory Grown Diamonds - All you need to know

Laboratory Grown Diamonds - All you need to know

Our Laboratory Grown Diamond range features only the purest cultivated diamonds for the conscientious and ethical buyer. 

Sourced from Belgium, a country known for its long tradition of design and craftsmanship in diamonds, these exquisitely cut gemstones are formed using the high pressure and high temperature environment of natural diamond growth, over only a fraction of the time it takes mined diamonds to form. All of our lab grown diamonds are type IIA - considered the purest type of diamond in terms of colour and structure. And as with all diamonds that Lorimat supply, they are graded according to the 4 C’s - carat, colour, cut and clarity.

What Makes A Lab Grown Diamond Perfect For The Ethical Buyer?

Because they are grown above the ground, rather than below as is the case with traditional mined diamonds, there is no disruption of earth and labs can be situated in locations with access to renewable energy sources. Cultivated diamonds can also be considered as more sustainable than natural diamonds, of which there are a finite number. 

What Is The Difference Between Mined Diamonds And Lab Grown Diamonds?

Mined diamonds and Lab Grown diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical structure. The best diamond expert in the world would be unable to tell the difference between them optically. However, as people have many different motivating factors for their choice of diamond, the industry will always classify them separately, so that buyers are fully aware of the source of their diamond. This means that Lab Grown diamonds are inscribed in order to properly differentiate them. 

Are Lab Grown Diamonds The Same As Cubic Zirconia Or Moissanite?

Absolutely not. Lab Grown diamonds are diamonds and are graded as such. Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite, while resembling diamonds to the untrained eye, have completely different compositions. 

Is There Anything I Need To Be Aware Of When Buying Lab Grown Diamonds?

Diamonds are graded based on the 4 Cs - Carat (weight, or size), Colour, Cut and Clarity. The higher in carat size you go, the higher the price point climbs! The best colour you can get is D, which is ‘colourless’. Our Diamond Above range are the highest grade of diamond and available in colours D-K colours. 

A piece of information that is specific to Lab Grown diamonds is whether it has been grown using High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapour Distribution. The Diamond Above range features only HPHT grown diamonds which completely mimics how natural diamonds are grown. 

Should I Choose Between A Lab Grown Diamond Or A Natural Diamond?

It really depends on your motivation for buying a diamond in the first place. Both are fantastically sparkly and denote true glamour and style.. If you are a traditional soul, you love the idea of owning something rare, precious and which has taken thousands of years to form then perhaps a natural diamond is for you. If, however,  you find yourself being pulled in by the diamond’s many facets, can recognize exquisite quality when you see it and consider value to be an important factor in buying decisions, then a cultivated diamond might be the one for you!


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