Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2016

Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2016

Engagement rings come in countless different styles, and each ring style has its own elegance and unique charm. Whether it is a vintage engagement ring, gemstone ring, solitaire ring, halo ring, or three-stone ring, the choice will be made according to the personal preference of the person who is going to wear it. And the star of all these styles is the diamond or diamonds, fused either in a setup or snuggled position, to highlight the overall look of the ring.

Here are some of the trendiest styles of the engagement ring for 2016:


The solitaire ring is a classic and elegantly-refined style with a beautiful single diamond as its stunning star. This style of engagement ring is usually simple, yet magnificent in design to make it an ideal choice for the woman who has a personal preference for classic beauty. The placement of the beautifully-cut diamond on the ring is set high to make the gemstone show its true grandeur when exposed to light.


The halo style of engagement rings features a large diamond in the centre and a series of smaller stones around it, which adds more sparkle and radiance from all sides of the centrepiece. This style of engagement rings is starting to be viewed as the new classic, and is a popular choice for the fashion-conscious women. Oh, and a halo style ring will show its true brilliance from all angles!

Coloured Gemstone

Although the traditional stone for engagement rings is a diamond, there are other precious stone choices available, such as sapphire, ruby, morganite, moonstone, aquamarine, and tsavorite, to name a few. These alternative gemstones make an excellent choice as the centre stone or as side stones to help accentuate a diamond. The coloured gemstones are great for adding a bit of extra colour, dimension, and style to a single-coloured or traditional engagement rings.

Three Stones

The three-stone or trinity style of engagement rings consists of a series of three stones, which could be all diamonds, all coloured gemstones, or a combination of diamonds and gemstones. This style of engagement ring symbolises the past, present, and future of the relationship of the person who is going to wear it. The centre gemstone is usually larger than the adjacent stones, which helps provide more depth to the ring. This form of engagement ring is an excellent choice for those who enjoy symbolism.


Vintage engagement rings or antique engagement rings are great for those wanting to exhibit timeless beauty. Most antique engagement rings have the ability to offer the magnificence of a bygone era while still able to provide a modern flavour. Antique engagement rings often include a combination of engravings and detailing on the outer edges to offer the more classic, unique, and fascinating design.

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