Rhodium plating for white gold rings

Rhodium plating for white gold rings
rhodium plating white gold

The distinctive sheen of white gold means it remains a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity rings. With its beauty comes a certain responsibility though, as white gold rings require regular maintenance. The sheen fades over time, and rhodium plating is needed to restore it.

Why does a white gold ring need rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is required because white gold is not pure white. In its natural state, it has a pale yellowish tinge to it. White gold rings are plated with a rhodium during manufacture to make them shine brighter and give them their distinctive dazzling look.

Unfortunately, this process is not permanent.  With regular wear, the rhodium plating in your rings fades away and that bright white shine becomes dull.  This is when plating becomes necessary.

How often does a white gold ring need rhodium plating?

That depends on factors such as how often your wear your ring, and also how you treat it! Exposure to things like chlorine and detergents can make the rhodium plating wear off more quickly. Sweating is also a factor, as is the thickness of the original plating.

If you don’t use your jewellery much, rhodium plating may not be required for years. However, for engagement rings and wedding bands that are used every day it is advised that you have your pieces inspected regularly. Rhodium plating once a year is common, but it may be recommended as often as every six months to maintain a bright and characteristic white finish.

Can Lorimat look after my rhodium plating needs?

Of course! It’s an important part of the service we provide on an ongoing basis to all our customers, and we can also rhodium plate rings that were bought elsewhere. The important thing to remember is to choose experienced jewellers like us, who can complete the job with an impeccable finish.

When you leave your ring with us for rhodium plating, we first remove the existing plating. Then we polish the ring to remove any scratches, before applying a new rhodium plating. Your ring is returned to you like new!

How much does rhodium plating cost?

If your purchased your ring from us, then it won’t actually cost you anything for the first five years!

Just bring us your ring whenever and as often you like during that time. We will rhodium plate it and polish it completely free of charge.

After five years, the cost is just €25 to rhodium plate and polish your white gold rings. The special €25 price is also available at any time to others who bought their rings elsewhere.

The offer applies to rhodium plating of all white gold rings: engagement rings, ladies wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, and eternity rings.

Our rhodium plating and polishing service also includes a check on the setting of your ring. .This ensures that the diamonds or other precious stones are secure. An important point to note is if your engagement ring is over a certain value, your insurance company might insist that the setting is checked every year and you may require documentation to prove this.  Contact us for more information.

How long does rhodium plating take?

If you can drop in your ring on a Friday, Saturday, or Monday, it will be ready for collection on the following Friday – looking good as new!

If you drop your ring in to us on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, it will be ready the following week.

Make your white gold ring sparkle again!

If you ring isn’t sparkling the way it used to, you now know that all you need to do is come see us at Lorimat Jewellers.

You’ll find us at 24 Patrick Street in Kilkenny, opening hours as per our contact page.

Contact us at any time if you need any further information.

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