Which finger do you wear an Eternity Ring on?

Which finger do you wear an Eternity Ring on?

It’s a common question to which there is no right or wrong answer! Many people choose to wear the eternity ring alongside their wedding and engagement ring which can give a great ‘stacking effect’.

Eternity RIng on Finger

If your wedding ring is a straight across band, chances are you will be able to wear a straight across Eternity ring and by ‘straight across’ I mean not shaped or curved.

If your wedding ring was custom made to fit around your engagement ring then more than likely you will require a similar shaped to fit eternity ring if you want to wear it on the ring finger. We can provide a CAD drawing of what the ring would look like before you commit to purchasing it.

Eternity Ring Example 1One challenge that many people face is that either their fingers are not long enough to fit an eternity ring or their engagement and wedding rings are too big! (Isn’t that a great complaint?!) The best solution here is to wear the eternity ring on the right hand. The world’s your oyster then as you can choose and size, colour and shape. The only consideration you have to take into account is that it compliments and blends with your other rings.

If you are considering a coloured stone, sapphire, rubies and emeralds are the premium gemstones. Emerald however is a very soft stone and not suitable for hard wearing so bear that in mind if you want to wear your eternity ring every day.

Morganite set with rose gold is a fantastic option for a right hand ring and I think it works really well if you engagement and wedding rings are white gold.

Eternity Ring Example 2In terms of budget, you can decide how much you want to spend in particular if you are going to wear the eternity ring on your right hand as you can opt for 9ct gold instead of 18ct gold. A semi precious gemstone like this Amethyst and Diamond ring will not blow the budget but you will still have an exquisite piece of jewellery that will last forever.

I hope this hasn’t confused you further but rather given you some inspiration when it comes to deciding on where to wear your eternity ring!

Remember we take deposits on our eternity rings with an option to making payments online. Contact us to book an appointment or pop in to see us on Patrick Street on Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays between 9:30 – 5:30 without an appointment.

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