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The name 'Chicago' came from two different angles, firstly it evokes a feeling of the 1920's, an era fondly remembered for incredible jazz music, sophisticated style and exquisite jewellery.  And secondly, it is a city very close to my heart as I spent a summer there working as a student in 2003 and returned again a little while back where my now husband proposed to me!

A key element in creating my brand was the collection of jewellery used was of the highest quality and only uses precious metals as I truly believe a piece of jewellery is not just for a Saturday night, it is for the next generation to love, wear and fondly remember those that wore it before them.

One of the many things that our customers say is that marcasite jewellery always reminds them of jewellery their grandmother had, or they were give a marcasite brooch by their mother.  I love hearing these stories, it's what I love most about my work and what gives me a connection with my customers.

So please, have a browse through our collection and enjoy a few minutes of memories and bygone times!

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