Custom Made Eternity Rings

Custom Made Eternity Rings

Do you have a shaped-to-fit wedding ring and will require the same for an eternity band?

shaped to fit eternity bands

Or perhaps you inherited a much loved heirloom and want to incorporate the stones into an eternity ring?

heirloom eternity rings

Or maybe you just can’t find the exact design you’re looking for and want a custom made eternity ring?

custom made eternity rings examples

Every story is different and every eternity ring has a different meaning to each person. This is what we love about creating pieces of fine jewellery for our customers. It’s not just about how many diamonds there are or how big the stones will be, it’s about capturing everything, the personality, the quality and the meaning and putting it into an exquisite piece of jewellery that will be handed down to the next generation.

Our first consultation typically takes up to one hour where we discuss exactly what you want and don’t want and don’t worry, sometimes you might not even know what you want! We will help you find your style and go through all of the options with you.

For bespoke custom made eternity rings, we will have a CAD image drawn up so that you can see what the ring will look like before you commit to the purchase. It’s a fantastic way to visualize your dream ring without any obligation! We also offer a deposit service whereby you can pay off on your bespoke eternity ring using our Online Deposit Payment System.

For more information please feel free to Book an Appointment or phone 056 7751455.

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