Find the Perfect Wedding Ring at Lorimat Jewellers

Find the Perfect Wedding Ring at Lorimat Jewellers

So your marriage is fast approaching, and you still haven’t found the perfect wedding ring. Don’t worry! At Lorimat, you will find just the right wedding ring for yourself and for your partner.

Lorimat Jewellers is a leading jewellery shop in Kilkenny, and we have a beautiful collection of antique wedding rings, vintage engagement rings, and elegant eternity rings. All our rings, whether antique wedding rings, vintage engagement rings, or opulent eternity rings, are masterfully crafted to perfection.

When you need a truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding ring in Ireland, you can rely on us. Just check out some of the top wedding ring varieties that we have for you.

To experience all these wedding rings first-hand, or to buy the beautiful wedding rings we offer, drop in to our shop on 24 Patrick Street, Kilkenny. Also, if you have a particular kind of wedding ring design in mind, kindly do get in touch with us – we provide an exceptional custom ring design service in Ireland. With our top-class custom ring design service, we can help you create just the perfect wedding ring that you have always wished to have.

Apart from antique wedding rings, do check out our marvellous vintage engagement rings and vintage eternity rings. Click here to explore our vintage ring collection.

Should you like to know more about us or our vintage rings, just get in touch at or call +353 56 7751455; we’ll be happy to help you.

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