The real Four C’s of buying an engagement ring

The real Four C’s of buying an engagement ring
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Our latest blog is especially for anybody who’s just become a bride-to-be:

So he’s finally popped the big question, you said ‘yes!’, and people are already beginning to ask if you’ve set a date. But before you even think of planning the wedding, there’s something else important to do first – and that’s finding your dream engagement ring.

Unless your man is among the brave few who buy the ring themselves, chances are that you’ll soon be journeying together to jewellery shops galore in the search for your new sparkler. Chances are that you’ll also be looking online for ideas and advice, and if you are, you’ll soon find plenty about the Four C’s of diamonds. That’s their cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.

All are important to know about – but as all excited newly-engaged brides-to-be know, there’s much more involved when searching for your perfect engagement ring too.

Emotion. Style. Design. Character. You want the overall look and feel of your ring to sing out that it’s the right one for you. You don’t want to be guided by the physics and mathematics used by diamond merchants to grade stones against each other. You’re guided by the heart instead.

For example, when you find what you know is your perfect ring, will it really matter to you if it’s graded VS1 (Very Small Inclusions) or VVS1 (Very Very Small Inclusions)? Will you or anyone close to you know the difference between an F-grade colour, and a G? Is the difference between 0.5 carats and 0.6 carats worth that much to you?

As long as the ring suits you and your style, and speaks to you as a true expression of your love, you’ll probably be willing to compromise on those Four C’s.

So, for the real Four C’s of buying an engagement ring, focus instead on the jeweller who helps you to make the perfect choice.

They are:


An expert jeweller knows that each customer is different, with unique tastes, personality, and traits. They will take time to get to know each customer, and assess her style and preferences. They know how momentous a decision that buying an engagement ring really is, and how each bride-to-be has probably already seen many rings – so they will be eager to make the process easier for her, instead of adding to the bombardment of options.

Expect an expert jeweller to be selective about the engagement rings they even show you, rather than pulling out a whole tray and asking you to make your choice.


Just as each person has their own unique character, so does each ring. An expert jeweller will help match both ideally. Whether your style is bohemian, classic, contemporary, vintage, or formal, the jeweller will carefully consider all engagement ring options available before recommending choices for you, to help make your decision all the easier.


Much as we’d all love millions to spend on the biggest diamonds around, cost is always a factor too when buying an engagement ring. Don’t be afraid to discuss your budget with your jeweller, as this will help them enormously in helping you. They’ll be able to advise on what options suit your budget best – for example, if you want lots of sparkle, then a cluster or halo arrangement of six 0.1 ct diamonds is less expensive than a solitaire 0.6 ct stone.


Not just while you’re there, but after-care too, for years to come. You need to know you can rely on your jeweller for periodic inspections of your ring, and repairs where necessary, to elements like claws or other settings. This is a service you won’t have if you buy overseas, for example in Dubai or Antwerp – so carefully consider it too when purchasing your engagement ring.

Get expert advice from an expert jeweller as you choose your engagement ring, and you’ll be guaranteed a ring you’ll be happy to wear forever. Now there’s just the small matter of a wedding to plan!

– At Lorimat Jewellers, we know all about the real Four C’s of buying an engagement ring. We’ve been providing those supreme levels of personal care and attention to countless brides-to-be for more than 30 years. Call to see us at 24 Patrick Street in Kilkenny, telephone us at  (056) 775 1455, use our contact form to get in touch online, or simply browse our range of beautiful engagement rings.

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