Christmas Gift ideas at Lorimat

Christmas Gift ideas at Lorimat
Lorimat Christmas Gift Guide 1
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With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve a wide range of beautiful gift items at Lorimat, with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Our 16-page Christmas Gift Guide features dozens of gift ideas, ranging from a flower comb hair accessory at just €8 all the way up to spectacular vintage-style engagement rings, if you’re a man who happens to be thinking of proposing this Christmas (and if you are, you might also like to read our advice on how to buy her the perfect engagement ring).

In between, there are other diamond rings, simple classics such as gold and sterling silver necklaces, and a beautiful range of our distinctive Chicago Marcasite jewellery.

And if you can’t decide, we have gift vouchers available too!

Just come see us at Lorimat to see all we have on offer for Christmas!

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