When to give an eternity ring

When to give an eternity ring

When to give an eternity ring is something we’re often asked about at Lorimat Jewellers.

It’s obvious when to give an engagement ring and wedding ring, but the customs surrounding eternity rings are not so ‘set in stone’ (pardon the jewellery pun!). Opinions differ on the best time to give one. And then, there are many men who have no opinion on it at all, because they haven’t actually heard of eternity rings before.

They’re surprised to learn they may have to splash out a third time, after already buying engagement and wedding rings!

History of eternity rings

Despite many men not having heard of it, the custom of giving eternity rings actually dates back 4,000 years or more, to ancient Egypt.

It was common there for metal bands inset with stones to be given as a token of eternal love and life. These rings varied from hugely ornate bands of gold studded with gemstones in the case of the ruling classes, to base metals with pebbles from the banks of the Nile in the case of peasants. The common theme however was the metal band, symbolising eternity and the circle of life.

Like ourselves, the Egyptians had no fixed time to give an eternity ring. It was done just whenever the time seemed right. So while it may be heartening to know that the custom goes back thousands of years, it doesn’t actually help the question of when to give an eternity ring today!

So, when’s the best time to give an eternity ring?

The first piece of advice we’ll give is to forget the list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts if you’re wondering about the best time to give an eternity ring.

According to that list, the wife needs to wait 40 years before getting a gemstone at all, and then she can expect a ruby. If she wants a gold band, she has to wait 50 years, and if she’d like a diamond in it, she has to wait 60.

Men – good luck in getting her to wait that long, if you’re sticking to that list – particularly after just giving her a piece of paper for the first anniversary, a lump of wood for the fifth, and a tin can for the tenth!

Instead, occasions that might be considered the best time to give an eternity ring include:

  • The first wedding anniversary – as a fitting and permanent symbol of how your marriage has blossomed through the first of what will hopefully be many happy years together.
  • The birth of your first child – your love for each other grows even stronger when you’ve got a wonderful little baby to thank each other for, and your love for that baby will be eternal too.
  • Another milestone anniversary – perhaps your fifth or your tenth, or whenever you want to celebrate your marriage so far and give a symbol for how it will continue to stand the test of time
  • Or just when the time is right – maybe some of those occasions have already passed you by, and maybe you don’t want to wait that long for another. The fact is that giving an eternity ring is a beautiful and thoughtful gesture at any time in your marriage.

No matter when you give it, an eternity ring is just as meaningful as the engagement ring and wedding ring already are. This is why so many people choose to wear all three rings together.

Help with buying an eternity ring

When you decide the time is right to choose an eternity ring, have a look at our guide on how to choose an eternity ring, and browse our online selection of eternity rings.

We’ll also be delighted to welcome you to our shop at 24 Patrick Street in Kilkenny, or to deal with any queries by phone at 056 7751455, e-mail info@lorimatkilkenny.ie, or through our Contact Form.

We’ll provide expert advice and help you choose the perfect eternity ring for you.

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