Things to consider:

1. Will you always wear your ring or is it just for special occasions?
We stock men’s wedding rings in different weights, light, medium and heavy. For those who will wear their ring every day we recommend a medium or heavy weight ring, these are harder wearing than the lightweight rings which are perfect for those who will only wear their ring occasionally.

White gold wedding ring shown on man's hand

2. Does it need to be hard wearing?
If you work with your hands a lot and intend to wear your ring everyday platinum is harder wearing than gold and 9ct gold is harder wearing than 18ct.

Stack of men's white and yellow gold wedding rings

3. Do you want something subtle or do you want more of a statement ring?
We offer a range of different width rings to make sure we have something to suit all hand sizes.

After that it’s down to how comfortable the different style rings feel, we have a full range of court rings to choose from, ranging from a soft to a harder defined edge, polished to matt finish or a mixture of metals and textured finishes.

Men's wedding rings

All of our wedding rings can be made in the metal of your choice, 18ct yellow gold, rose gold or white gold or Platinum. We include an anniversary clean and polish for the first 5 years and if you bought your engagement ring with us you’ll get a discount on your wedding rings.

Finally, we recommend you order your wedding rings as soon as possible this gives you time to get the perfect fit but also the price of precious metals is constantly rising so save money by ordering early.

We would love to welcome you to either our Kilkenny or Dublin Showrooms to go through our full collection of wedding rings. Make an appointment here.

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