9ct Birthstone - November (Yellow Topaz) - Available in Yellow, Rose or White Gold

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Your birthstone says a lot about your personality. Do you love to shop? Perhaps you're a diamond, born in April with a love of all things opulent. Can you stay focused under pressure? Maybe you have the stamina and endurance of amethyst, born in February.

Want to know more about your birthstone?

November - Yellow Topaz - Topaz is associated with wisdom, healing, and calm. The personality traits of people under these stones include reliability, mental stability, and warmth. They tend to be wonderful friends and forgive easily.

Our Birthstone Charms are cast in 9ct Gold and set with precious gemstones carefully selected for exceptional quality and vibrant colour.

Diameter of Birthstone: 4mm

Set in a rubover bezel setting and fitted with a ring that will go over your gold chain and can easily be taken on and off.

Metal: Solid 9ct Gold which carries a hallmark.

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