Jewellery Valuation Service

Having spent a number of years working as a jewellery loss adjuster as well as over 25 years in the jewellery trade, Rita Shanahan at Lorimat Jewellers is perfectly placed to make a professional assessment of your high value jewellery items. 

 Lorimat Valuations will meet with you and gather all the relevant information. They will then appraise, photograph and record each item of jewellery. 
Following this Lorimat Valuations will compile a comprehensive valuation report document which they will issue to you

We carry out our jewellery valuations by appointment in your home.  The length of time the consultation takes depends on the amount of items for valuing. In general allow a minimum of 60 minutes for up to 3-4 items. 

Consultation - €175 for the first jewellery item and €65 per subsequent item 

 Report for Setting Check - €95 Valuation Updates - €45 for the first jewellery item and €20 per subsequent item 

If you would like to make an appointment, please fill out the form below