a selection of jewellery available from Lorimat
a selection of jewellery available from Lorimat

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Engagement rings

We have a vast selection of Engagement Rings in our collection or our exceptional design team can tailor a design around your choice of gemstone to ensure you find your perfect ring.

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What is a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are man-made by replicating the way diamonds are formed in nature, they display the exact same, unique properties and beauty as natural mined diamonds but are more substainable and environmentally friendly.

a lab grown diamond solitaire ring
a lab grown diamond solitaire ring
model wearing Chicago range of vintage style jewellery
Vintage inspired collection

Chicago Marcasite Jewellery

The name 'Chicago' came from two different angles, firstly it evokes a feeling of the 190s, an era fondly remembered for incredible jazz music, sophisticated style and exquisite jewellery. Secondly, it is a city very close to my heart as I spent a summer there working as a student in 2003 and returned again a little while back where my now husband proposed to me!

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