Lorimat Wins Jewellers of the Year Award for the 2nd Year in a Row!

Lorimat Wins Jewellers of the Year Award for the 2nd Year in a Row!
Rita Shanahan with Jewellers of the Year award

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Lorimat has won the Jewellers of the Year award at the Irish Wedding Awards 2020! For the second year in a row our customers have shown their appreciation for our work in helping them choose their wedding rings. The ceremony was all the excuse that we needed to get glammed up for the black-tie event which took place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. As usual, it was a great night and we were delighted to share the joy with so many other worthy nominees and winners.

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For us, this highly valued award is simply a byproduct of the real prize – the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Wedding planning isn’t easy, with many people feeling the pressure to get it exactly right. This isn’t a day that comes around too often even Liz Taylor only averaged one a decade! Joking aside though, it is important for a lot of couples that they get every detail perfect. Even the more intimate weddings – the elopements and the registry office weddings – often take a lot of deliberation and planning.

A Memory of the Wedding that Lasts Forever

While a lot of the finer details may be forgotten over time, there is one detail which serves to be a constant reminder. That detail is, of course, the wedding ring which each partner puts on during the ceremony. Likely with the intent of wearing every day for the rest of their lives. Many people don’t ever take off their rings, save for the occasional polish or size adjustment. It is the one daily reminder of that special day where you and your partner committed to love and cherish one another.

It is exactly for that reason that we feel extremely privileged to be part of so many people’s big days. We understand how truly significant the act of choosing your wedding ring is – and your engagement ring, for that matter as well as how personal each choice is. That is why we dedicate so much time and energy into giving our customers 100% support throughout this momentous occasion. That means private consultations and dedicated appointment only days.  We give truthful advice on what style would best suit the customer.  We offer second to none after sales support (such as free plate and polish on anniversaries).  And lastly we promise to continually go above and beyond to ensure the act of choosing your wedding rings is like an oasis of calm in an otherwise-hectic planning process!

What it all means

Winning the Jewellers of the Year award has shown us that these little touches do not go unnoticed by our customers. We would therefore like to thank every single person (or married person :D) that nominated us.  And can we give an even bigger thank you for granting us the honour of being a part of your love story!

To choose your wedding rings, browse our site and make an appointment!

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